Make a positive impact in the lives of youth and families who live in Libby

At Spring Up Libby, we help connect parents and caregivers with local resources, programs, and activities that celebrate youth, strengthen families, and lay a firm foundation for healthy, happy, resilient futures.

Like you, we want to be part of a community where youth and families are connected and engaged and have all they need to thrive.

We are proud to partner with amazing individuals, agencies, and organizations in our community. Together we work to ensure youth and families have greater access to resources that provide support and relationships that challenge growth and expand possibilities.

We're Better Together

Watch what happens when we come together to invest in our children and play an active role in enriching their lives.

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Access Available Resources

Raising kids can be tough. Let’s work together to create a network of support that lightens the load and makes parenting an even more rewarding experience.

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Connect To Your Community

Whether you’re looking for support or looking to be the support, positive and meaningful engagement makes our community a better place to live, learn, work and play. 

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Watch Your Child Grow

Whether your child enjoys the outdoors, sports, spirituality, or the arts, we support and expand opportunities for young people to explore their interests and identify their strengths.  They will connect with others in ways that inspire them to do and be their best.

Kids Underperform

Without a variety of opportunities to learn and grow, young people may disengage and struggle to reach their highest potential.

Loneliness Increases Anxiety

Without a positive network of support, young people may experience loneliness, anxiety and depression.  Lack of exposure to safe and healthy fun may open the door to problem behaviors that detour plans, delay accomplishments, and make it difficult for them to make their way.

Negative Community Impact

Youth and families are getting by, but are missing out on opportunities to engage with others and make a positive and lasting impact at home, at school, and in the community.

Kids Become Their Best

Kids in Libby connect with people, places, programs, and activities that provide support, challenge growth, and expand possibilities. 

Well-being is Elevated

Young people are surrounded by caring adults who connect them with the chance to learn new skills and engage in experiences that promote healthy lifestyles and elevate well-being.


A Thriving Community

Youth and families are aware of resources and are connected to the kind of support only a small-town community can offer.

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Say Yes!

Whether you’re a caring individual or belong to an organization with the means to help, we look forward to connecting youth and families with the resources you have to offer! 

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Get Involved

Perhaps you have a talent to share with young people or prefer to support those who serve and strengthen families. We are excited to partner with you to determine the best fit and work together to deliver programs and hope-filled experiences that get results.

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Experience Change

Your impact will show up in meaningful ways: happy, healthy, and more resilient youth, stronger families, and more vibrant and engaged communities.

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